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Out of all 9 main stages, 3 of the stages are based on the first levels of their respective games (Green Hill, City Escape and Seaside Hill).First Look and Details for Sonic Generations 3DS. is Casino Night Zone. Sorry,. -Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic are both represented.

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Tetsu Katano, who directed Sonic and the Black Knight and did work on the Adventure series, directed the 3DS edition.Chao (They appear in a Speed Highway mission and a City escape mission).Double Unlock: Many skills require you to first complete a specific challenge, then buy it from the store.Modern Sonic can also run along (and up and down) walls in Speed Highway and City Escape.The game was made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.The tube waterslide in Chemical Plant works similarly to the one during Aquatic Capital.

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Sonic sounds almost resigned to his status as a Weirdness Magnet when delivering the line in question.

In the 3DS version however, the countdown starts from the traditional 5.After the party, Classic Sonic and Classic Tails travel back to their own time as everyone says their farewells.Aaron Webber mentioned in an interview, that if anyone were to be Classic Sonic, it would be Jaleel White.The game had two newly revealed action figures at Comic-Con 2011.The giant propellers from the second act of Mushroom Hill are similar to the ones from Frog Forest and Egg Fleet.

Oddly enough, even though the credits use the revised Japanese version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, the unlockable emulation in console versions is the original American release.It has been presented in a similar format as to the Sonic Unleashed manga and the Sonic Colors manga."Casino Night - Modern - Sonic Generations" is a high quality rip of the Modern version of.When playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis, a top score and top time can be recorded.Retcon: Even more of this occurs with Crisis City, as when Blaze is rescued, her first speech balloon post-cutscene has her state that Crisis City was her fault.

SG achievement Look Both Ways Look Both Ways Reached the goal in CRISIS CITY Act 2 without being hit by tornado-carried cars or rocks. (10G, Secret).

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In the console and PC versions, it takes about five seconds for Classic Sonic to get impatient and 35 to lay on the ground.

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This is the second game to use skill customization, the first being Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Modern Sonic also has one when he finds out that Eggman is controlling the Time Eater, and is thus the Big Bad.However, this demo also contained many unused files that revealed much about the full game, notably the stage list.

In the hub world, Sky Sanctuary has trees with grapes in them.In as early in modern (western) continuity as Sonic Adventure, Eggman and Sonic use the Robotnik name, still preferring his real name in that time, Sonic using both.Deflector Shields: The Flame, Aqua, and Thunder shields return from Sonic 3 in certain missions, and can be equipped in any main level once said missions are completed.Unlocking it is a simple matter of getting the Sega Genesis controller from the Skill Shop.

There is a corkscrew in Classic Green Hill Zone that is similar to the one in Emerald Hill Zone.However, Classic Tails realizes that the vortex to the past is closing, so he and Classic Sonic have to go back.Also by playing online races, the player can obtain a special skill to use in the main game (the player can only get one skill per day).However, the statues are unlocked by doing the missions, rather than using special codes.Sonic Generations Review 3DS. Whether navigating tricky jumps with classic Sonic or blasting your way past. In their place we have Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2.Get the Red Star Ring by using an Orange Wisp in PLANET WISP Act 2 and reach the goal. (10G, Secret).

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